• Earl Unmah

‘A Most Savage Beast’: The Unexpected Virtue Of Being A Poor Horror Flick

Often in films with a psycho-stalker for the main character, the character in question will be blissfully unaware of the gravity of their actions. Nay, they are aware of the gravity; it is the morality of it that they neither realise nor particularly care about. In most such films, the characters are compelling and the writing is strong enough to keep you rooted to the spot. When done wrong, they might become caricatures. 

In Theo Hogben’s A Most Savage Beast, Marie-Therese Bjornerud plays what can best be described as an, ahem, radical spin on Emma Woodhouse. She is a waitress by day, fawning movie fan by night. After one such session with a beloved romance, E finds herself in need of setting up two customers who walked into the restaurant. When she finds suitable candidates, she looks pleased enough to orgasm on the spot. It is not an exaggeration.  

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